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Psychometric Testing & Aptitude Tests

Psychometric testing and assessment reduces the risks and costs associated with making poor selection decisions, ensures high potential candidates don’t slip through the net and identifies potential in existing staff and teams.

Psychometric Testing and assessment has been our core business since 1999.  We support businesses and organisations of all sizes and sectors, whether long term users of testing and assessment, or trying a more comprehensive selection process for the first time, with products tailored for the NZ market and pitched at every level from Factory Floor to CEO.

Our products range from Psychometric Ability Tests, Personality Questionnaires, Assessment & Development Centre Exercises, IT & Software Skills Tests

Some of our popular tests include:

People Central is the partner of choice in delivering psychometric testing and assessment most suited to your business within 24hrs anywhere in New Zealand and offshore through our blend of online products and national network of qualified professionals.

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