How it Works

The People Central experience is designed to deliver the world’s finest tests and assessments in an easy, responsive and cost-effective 3-stage process.

Stage 1 – Determine What Tools to Use

Use us to determine the testing and assessment tools that best suit your business. With the right tools, you can dramatically the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Stage 2 – Determine How the Tools will be Deployed

Use our expertise to identify suitable methods for delivering the tests and assessments are determined.

As a guide, personality profiling can be completed online.  Most IT and software skills tests can also be completed online.  Ability Tests typically require supervision by a qualified practitioner, although online options do exist.

 Stage 3 – Test & Assess

Within 24 hours of you calling us, online tests can be ready for your candidates to complete.  Within 24 hours of your candidate completing online tests, results and feedback are delivered to your hiring manager.

Supervised tests can be held at a location close to your candidate and scheduled to fit into your interview plan


All communications with your candidates or staff can be handled by us, so all we need from you is their names, email address and a contact phone number.  We’ll do the rest and we’ll get the results back to you as soon as possible, so as not to slow up the selection decision.

Feedback to Clients

You will receive thorough feedback on your candidates performance, as well as interview questions that you can ask the candidate; questions that relate to areas of potential concern.

A qualified, experienced consultant will contact you to:

  • explain the contents of each assessment
  • outline the likely training and development priorities for the candidate (if appointed), and
  • address any queries you may have.

With this feedback, you can approach the interview with your eyes wide open; armed with relevant, rather than generic questions, that you can ask the candidate.

Feedback to Candidates & Participants

After the selection process is concluded, every participant receives a copy of their performance report and the opportunity to discuss their report with the same qualified consultant, regardless of whether they were successful.  This has a proven positive benefit to your reputation as an employer. It also provides valuable development advice to new recruits.

Call us on 0508 736 753 to get your testing and assessment process underway.

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