Adaptive Reasoning Test – ART

Adaptive tests are the next level in the evolution of testing people’s abilities and skills, and became reality once computer based testing took a leap forward from merely replicated paper and pencil tests to adapting the test to meet the individual candidate.

This is achieved by the test raising or lowering the complexity of the next question depending on whether the candidate answers the preceding question correctly or incorrectly.  When applied to the Verbal, Numerical & Abstract Reasoning Tests in the ART, this test allows extremely bright candidates to demonstrate their skills without making less able candidates feel the anxiety of performing poorly.

For our clients, a test that tailors itself to the ability level of each respondent provides high accuracy and precision with far fewer questions than would be required for a typical, non-adaptive test.  Add to this the tests online availability, then we have a test suite suitable for a broad range of admin, graduate and professional roles readily accessible to candidates and clients anywhere.

As with all ability tests promoted by us, these tests measure candidates against an appropriate New Zealand norm-group and have passed stringent tests of their reliability and validity.

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