General Reasoning Test – GRT2

The General Reasoning Test (GRT2) is designed to comprehensively assess general mental agility in Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning in less than 30 minutes.  The GRT2 can be administered as a suite of all three tests, or individually, and is now available both online and in supervised settings.

Aimed at staff and candidates who have completed no more than secondary school education, the GRT2 is appropriate for general selection and development into a broad range of administrative and support roles to identify potential to perform in the job and those with promotional potential.

The GRT2 has been completed by over 40,000 NZ candidates from a variety of occupations and cultural backgrounds, and is among the most widely used and trusted ability tests in the country. This is the test chosen by NZ Police in 2006 to address concerns over quality standards of recruits into the service.

As with all ability tests promoted by us, these tests measure candidates against an appropriate New Zealand norm-group and have passed stringent tests of their reliability and validity.

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