Industrial Proficiency Test – IPT

The Industrial Proficiency Test (IPT) is a robust measure of cognitive ability specifically designed for industrial, trades and process orientated jobs.

Developed wholly in New Zealand, the test has strong face validity, which is to say users see rational reasons for the questions in relevant work settings.

It’s primary advantage is in measuring potential as well as ability, giving it strong applications in:

  • Recruiting New Staff
  • Spotting Potential & Development Needs in Existing Staff

This assessment is ideally suited to individuals with a basic level of education and includes measures of Numerical and Symbolic Reasoning, Following Written Instructions and Checking.

The Symbolic Reasoning Test also identifies the potential to learn among people who may not have performed well in formal education.


  • Reduce the risk of poor staff selection on business performance (greater absenteeism & staff turnover, reduced productivity & quality, deceased morale & monetary loss through poor staff performance)
  • Test abilities that cannot be measured by interviews
  • Identify candidates with potential for promotion/supervisory roles
  • Objectively reject unsuitable candidates
  • Assess people on their likelihood to succeed in the job
  • Reduce risks, time & costs of removing unsuitable employees from the business
  • Realistic measure of industrial/trades staff’s abilities & potential in relation to their academic achievements


  • Completed in 30-40 minutes
  • Candidate & Client feedback reports within 24hrs
  • Opportunity to test several candidates simultaneously, either online or paper based

Candidates performance measured against a norm group of NZ Industrial/Process/Trades Staff – so it measures like with like

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