Testing & Assessment Price List

Price is ‘per candidate/employee’ and includes administration, report generation, feedback to client selection panel, including suggested competency based interview questions to cover areas of concern, personal development plan and feedback to the candidate.


Test Administration Only – 1st Candidate                220.00

Additional Candidates                                           165.00 per hour


Singular Ability Test                                               165.00


General Reasoning Ability Test Suites                    315.00

(Verbal, Numerical & Abstract Reasoning)


Critical Reasoning Ability Test Suites                      315.00

(Verbal, Numerical & Abstract Critical Reasoning)


Industrial Proficiency Testing                                 315.00

(Following Instructions, Arithmetic, Checking & Symbolic)


Clerical Testing Battery                                        315.00

(Verbal, Numerical, Checking & Spelling)


IT/Software Skills Tests                                         127.00 per test


15FQ+ Personality Questionnaires                         495.00


Poppleton Allen Sales Aptitude Test (PASAT)          495.00


Sales Preference Indicator (SPI)                                      340.00


Contact Centre Scenario Inventory (CCSI)             340.00


Health & Safety Indicator Assessment (HSI)          495.00

Ability & Personality Combined


Job Profiling (15FQ+J)                                           210.00


Accounting Skills Tests                                          200.00


Bookkeeper Skills Test                                           150.00

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