Personality Questionnaires

How often do you hear the phrase ‘personality clash’ cited in reasons for the costly breakdown in employment relationships?

Most employers hire on the basis of someone’s ability and fire on the grounds of personality, usually at considerable financial expense to the employer and emotional expense to the employee.

It doesn’t have to be that way……

Managing the risks associated with making poor selection decisions can be readily achieved through the use of tried and tested measures of the behaviours associated with success in your business.

By selecting only the questionnaires with a proven track record of being valid and reliable measures of personality, People Central add considerable value to the selection of new staff and development of existing staff in:

  • Identifying whether a candidate is likely to value and support your businesses culture, competencies and aspirations
  • How they are likely to interact with team-mates, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • How they are likely to deal with change, solve problems and make decisions
  • What they are likely to add to team performance
  • What personal development plans are required to get them from good to great performers
  • How they are likely to deal with the stresses and strains of the job

We also have questionnaires designed to measure the behaviours associated with success in specific occupations, most notably sales focused questionnaire.  Go to the Sales Aptitude Tests page for more information.

Most personality questionnaires can be administered online, enabling businesses to assess candidate’s anywhere in the world.

Sample Personality Profile Report with Interview Questions


“Weldwell New Zealand works closely with People Central during our recruiting process. Part of the service provided by People Central is the personality profiling and that service is now an important part of the decision making process when selecting new team members for our company. Their support and advice is relevant and helpful”.
– Bernard Walsh, General Manager. Weldwell New Zealand

Contact us today to see how personality assessments can help you choose the right candidate for the job and make the most of your existing workforce.

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