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A question for Business Owners and Sales Managers: In dollar terms, what is a sales-person performing at 150% of their targets worth to your business?  If the ‘successful applicant’ for your next sales job turns out to only be capable of hitting 50% of their targets, what does that look like on your bottom line?  And what does it say to the rest of the team about your decision making and professional abilities?

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Recruiting good sales people presents several obstacles.  Many sales candidates are great at interviews but not much else, and most arrive with glowing references, but for differing reasons.

Reducing the risk of selecting poor performers and concentrating your efforts on applicants most likely to thrive in sales and customer relations roles must be one of your top priorities and something that can readily be achieved through using sales-specific psychometric assessments during the selection process for new staff and uncovering the obstacles holding back your existing sales team.

People Central deliver tried and tested New Zealand-specific sales focused assessments with a 24-hour turnaround service to ensure your sales recruitment is objective, thorough and fast.

Sample Profile Reports


“What would a salesperson operating at 120% of their target be bringing into your business? What would a poor selection decision of someone delivering only 50% of their target be doing to your bottom line? If selecting the sales staff most likely to succeed in your business is important to you, then talk to People Central.”
– Brett Burgess, Sales Impact Group.

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