IT, Software & Skills Tests

When a job requires specific expertise in software, IT, and essential administrative and clerical skills, People Central take the guesswork out of the selection process by offering validated and reliable skills tests in the software used by your business and the IT skills required by those supporting your technology.

Interviews and references simply don’t cut it when compared to hard measures of a candidate’s skills.  Our ever growing client list of fans of these products have seen us adding considerable value to the selection and development of staff in businesses as broad as:

  • Businesses requiring Microsoft-Office abilities
  • Accuracy and speed in data entry
  • IT Technicians at every level
  • Systems Developers and Managers
  • Web Designers & Developers
  • MYOB Users

We have over a thousand validated online skills tests available to measure a candidate’s current abilities and future potential for almost every business IT application and software on the planet, including updates on new releases every month. These tests are a cost effective, fast and reliable way of finding out exactly what skills a potential employee has or identifying the development required to get a staff member to a desired skill level.

Our skills tests coupled with the thorough and fast feedback you receive will ensure you have everything you need to make an informed selection decision.


“We have used People Central for a number of years to assist us with skill testing our potential nerds (IT Technicians). The service they provide is prompt, efficient and accurate and gives us an excellent benchmark for assessing candidate technical competence as well as their suitability and fit with our culture. The on line testing is an excellent tool to support our decision making process and has allowed us to develop a body of quantifiable data on our workforce which is valuable not only during recruitment but also for ongoing staff development.”
– Wray Wilson, Chief Nerd, Need a Nerd

Contact us today to see how skills testing can help you choose the right candidate for the job and make the most of your existing workforce.

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