Team Development

Is your team everything it could be in terms of performance, communications and conflict management?  What do you suppose inefficiencies and petty misunderstandings cost your business in hard dollar terms?

At People Central, we deliver team development programmes designed to audit the people in that business, their skills, behaviours, strengths, development areas, communications and working relationships to determine how best to ensure a healthy continuation of that businesses goals and mission.

Once these are known, steps are put in place to ensure the team is working effectively by playing to each others strengths, managing conflict, effectively solving problems and making decisions.

Individual team members also have clear insight into their role in the success of the business and what they need to do in personal development to get them from good to great performers.

Why Businesses Use Our Individual & Team Development Programmes

  • Improve team communications and performance
  • Communicate business vision and goals to gain employee engagement and commitment
  • Develop problem solving and decision making techniques
  • Iron out conflict
  • Incorporate key changes to team members through new appointments, key people exiting the business, placing secondments, restructuring and mergers.
  • Assist with building new teams

We iron out barriers to performance and get your team working together for the benefit of everyone as teams become stronger through their differences rather than divided by them.

We deliver team development programmes based on tried and tested personality assessments, including 15FQ+ and Belbin Team Roles, of durations tailored to suit your requirements and delivered at  off-site locations to suit any budget or in-house.

Benefits to Organisations

  • Increased productivity
  • Clear understanding of the strengths and development areas within teams
  • Clear identification of blind-spots in the current management team and where that team can look for support to cover those blind-spots, both within the business and externally
  • Clarification of existing team behaviour and its impact on your business
  • Targeted personal development plans for individual participants and the team as a whole
  • Help in matching specific tasks to appropriate team members
  • Development of a specific conflict resolution framework tailored for your team
  • Maximising diversity of talent and focus within teams to reach insightful decisions

Benefits to Individuals

  • Valuable insight into their own strengths and development areas, including a clear personal development plan
  • Opportunity to see how they can effectively contribute to a team
  • Clear identification of what they do to irritate their colleagues and what their colleagues do to irritate them, together with the insight on how to avoid conflict by playing to colleagues strengths
  • Further insight into how they can influence other team members
  • Identification of their preferred leadership style and how to use it to greatest effect

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Having a team that not only works harmoniously together (well, most the time) but is also proactively fulfilling the overall company goals and objectives (regarding customer service, growth and profitability) is no mean feat… but, fortunately, is one that Xplore has managed to achieve.
So, when it came time to grow our team of 11 to 12+ we knew we had to invest in working out why our current team worked so well, whether there were any gaps we needed to fill (with regards to natural strengths and weaknesses) and what type of personality would best suit both the newly created roles and (just as importantly) the cultural structure of the overall Xplore team.

This is where People Central came in.

Steve organised to have our entire team profiled, in order to work out why we work so well. He then engaged in one to one sessions with each Xplore team member to discuss the outcome of their profiles and provided personal development recommendations and insights.  Following this, he facilitated a half day session with the Xplore team that demonstrated where we all fit into the overall cultural balance, the various key strengths identified and (more anonymously) overall team weaknesses we should be mindful of.

Equipped with this information, Steve was then able to make recommendations on the types of people we should look to recruit, in order to preserve the current team environment, whilst also growing the broadness of the company’s personality traits – fostering overall development of the team.

In the end, I was given not only a snapshot of the current team, but also development plans (to allow each person to leverage their strengths and work on their weaknesses) and the information I need to ensure we recruit the right people for our company culture, going forward.

I found this be a fantastic team building exercise that has provided an invaluable insight into how to continue to grow my business.

I highly recommend any company looking to grow (or improve/understand their existing team) consider undertaking this exercise.”

September 4, 2011

Wendy Schollum
Managing Director
Xplore Web Agency.

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