Assessing Sales Staff Effectiveness

In the last edition, we teased the question of what businesses can do to assess whether an applicant is likely to thrive in a sales environment.  The flurry of queries from sales managers and business owners suggested we ought to expand on tool we employ to assess the sales effectiveness of candidates and existing sales teams in this edition:

The Poppleton Allen Sales Aptitude Test (PASAT) was introduced to New Zealand by People Central in 2006 to fill a substantial gap in the market for a tried and tested tool that measures the full spectrum of personality traits associated with success in a sales or CRM environment.

Specifically, this test measures:

  • Motivation to work to targets & achieve/exceed personal goals
  • Resilience to setbacks
  • People Focus in establishing and maintaining effective relationships
  • Adaptability to change
  • Conscientiousness in attention to detail and keeping promises
  • Influencing people and situations
  • Emotional stability
  • Self Assurance in challenging situations
  • Attentiveness to the behaviours of clients and potential clients
  • Displaying positive social behaviour

Prior to making that critical decision on whether to appoint a sales candidate,  this tool will identify whether a candidate is indeed the high-flyer claimed by their CV; whether they are worth appointing with a clearly defined development plan to get them from good to great performers, or whether they are unlikely to perform at the desired level and should not be appointed.

People Central’s 24-hr turnaround service level ensures this vital information enhances rather than slows up the recruitment process.