Bolster your recruitment talent pool by overcoming bias and embracing diversity

New Zealand business leaders have been relatively quick to recognise the benefits diversity can bring to a business.  It’s no surprise that businesses who embrace diversity have enhanced decision making, increased engagement and greater access to top talent.

Unfortunately, some recruitment processes haven’t kept up the pace in embracing diversity, whilst some recruiting people struggle to eliminate biases and stereotypes, resulting in solid candidates from varied backgrounds being overlooked before they have a chance to prove their abilities; all because it’s assumed that they are lacking written English language skills.

If you are recruiting for an entry-mid level role and you face the issue of determining whether a candidate can formally and/or informally communicate in written business English, you will benefit from utilising our Business English Skills Test.  This test allows you to objectively assess a person’s ability to understand and communicate in written English using everyday business email scenarios.  It evaluates the candidate’s English knowledge on 5 levels: mechanics, word choice, organisation, clarity and audience adaptation.

Business English Skills Test – Sample Report

Target audience: Any staff required to communicate concisely & effectively in written English

Cost: $127

Assessment Type: 3 written scenarios

Time: 30 mins