Sales Managers & Recruiters: Why would that top sales candidate want to work for you?

Let’s be blunt for a moment.  Exceptional sales candidate’s are few and far between and when they enter the job market, they can choose their next employer to a greater extent than most.

In spite of this, many managers and recruiters still approach the selection process as if they somehow hold all the cards and fail to present themselves as that candidates ideal next manager by paying no more than lip service to the rather obvious fact that for high performing sales candidates, the selection process is equally about them determining your ability to motivate, inspire and provide the opportunities for them to excel in their next career step as it is about you determining whether to offer that opportunity.

If you’re going to land one of these candidates who could transform your businesses growth and profitability, here’s five tips from somebody who knows how to do it; Chris Carlson, President of Seattle based Sales Talent Inc read more…..