Sales Recruitment

Three Practical Steps to Sharpen Up Sales Staff Recruitment

It has been common knowledge for decades that the selection interview is a very poor predictor of whether a candidate is going to perform in any job. When it comes to sales jobs, the interview becomes even less effective, as most sales candidates are able to present themselves well at interview, be adept at brushing over the areas they would rather you didn’t explore and usually arrive with glowing references. Whilst some recruiting managers may see these factors as evidence of sales skills, most will grimace with pain in recalling occasions of hiring staff that were good at interviews but precious little else.

hiring like-minded people

The case against hiring like-minded people

Belinda Parkes, Freelance Journalist, April 2017 Do you trust your gut instinct when it comes to hiring? If you do, you could be giving the job to the person you like best, not necessarily the best person for the job. There is a difference. All of us carry unconscious biases that influence our perceptions and skew the weight we put …

Managing Counter Offers

Whether you’re a recruitment consultant, in-house recruiter or business owner, the counter-offer scenario will be a familiar exasperation.   After all the hours and effort of a selection process, you’re hard won final stage candidate is offered the job, only to turn it down when offered a pay rise by their current employer, or use the counter-offer as a new …

Hawke’s Bay’s Top Recruitment Consultancy Re-Branded

We would like to warmly congratulate our colleagues at Pipeline Recruitment on a successful re-branding exercise. Since launching as Riot Recruitment in 2007, they swiftly established themselves as far and away the most credible recruitment professionals in the region, with constant positive feedback from candidates and clients alike, resulting in a deserved reputation as the ‘best in the bay’. When …

Managing the Risk of Hiring Staff in Retail

A few months ago I was asked to join the team of judges for this year’s Unison Fibre Hastings City Business Excellence Awards and interview sixteen large national chain Hastings retailers on their current and planned approaches to marketing, customer service, staff development and retention, and how they expected to perform in the next twelve months in far from ideal …

New Zealand’s Most Popular Ability Test Battery Available Unsupervised & Online

The General Reasoning Test (GRT2) battery of Numerical, Verbal and Abstract reasoning is one of the most widely used ability test batteries, with over 40,000 administered in New Zealand. This is the test chosen by New Zealand Police to sharpen up police recruitment practices after criticisms in 2006/7.  The test is particularly useful for identifying staff who are likely to …

PASAT is now available online!

After almost 2 years of lobbying and gentle persuassion, we can finally announce that the Poppleton Allen Sales Aptitude Test (PASAT) is now available online in New Zealand. PASAT is the most extensive sales-focused personality questionnaire available in this country, and having it available online makes it readily available nation-wide. People Central are the sole distributors of PASAT in New …

Managing Out-of-Region Candidate’s & Off-Site Staff

As the volume of psychometric testing and assessment we deliver for clients across the country continues to climb, it seems a timely moment to remind readers of the options they have available to them when their preferred job candidate is currently living at the opposite end of the country, or even off-shore.

Making the most of Telephone Interviews

When used effectively, phone-interviews bring all the benefits of trimming down that pile of CV’s into the final few for shortlisting without the expense of bringing candidates in from all over and organising the resources to accommodate interviews and candidates. However, they also bring considerable risks of missing out on great candidates when run ineffectively, and with over 50% of our communications attributed to non-verbal body language, how can you make the most from the efficiencies without losing the interviews effectiveness?