PASAT is now available online!

After almost 2 years of lobbying and gentle persuassion, we can finally announce that the Poppleton Allen Sales Aptitude Test (PASAT) is now available online in New Zealand. PASAT is the most extensive sales-focused personality questionnaire available in this country, and having it available online makes it readily available nation-wide. People Central are the sole distributors of PASAT in New …

Managing Out-of-Region Candidate’s & Off-Site Staff

As the volume of psychometric testing and assessment we deliver for clients across the country continues to climb, it seems a timely moment to remind readers of the options they have available to them when their preferred job candidate is currently living at the opposite end of the country, or even off-shore.

Sales Manager Guide to Choosing & Using Psychometrics in Recruitment

From New Zealand Sales Manager Magazine. April 2010 If you ever want to polarise opinion in a meeting of sales managers, just start talking about psychometric testing. You’ll find that few hiring managers are indifferent to the subject, with some extolling the benefits of identifying high flyers who exceeded all targets, whilst others vehemently deliver bitter experience of using psycho-babble …

Questions for Sales Staff Interviews

Based on the work of Professor Steve Poppleton, author of the highly effective Poppleton Allen Sales Aptitude Test (PASAT), the core competencies associated with success in a sales environment are listed below, together with a suggested initial interview question.

More Candidates, More Choice & More Risk

Employers and Recruitment Consultants are handling volumes of potentially valuable people not seen for several years. Employers are taking a fresh look at their wish lists of staff groups that the ‘skills gap’ of the past few years couldn’t deliver as management accountants to engineers are suddenly back in the job market.

Having a choice of which candidate to select is great, so long as you understand that with choice comes risk

Ramp up your sales force

As the global economy moves into ‘interesting times’, sales will continue to provide the mechanism that keeps the IT industry running. For the reseller, current conditions provide a range of new opportunities and threats. Keeping on top of this environment requires a renewed focus on retaining sales talent, while also building the sales and technical skill sets that will be required to meet the business conditions of the future.