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Jun 14

People Central’s Clients Benefit from Major New Investment in Personality Profiling Services

We have recently invested heavily in new additions to our cutting edge personality profiling services that bring huge additional benefits to our clients when recruiting new staff, making the most...
Jun 14

Hot Tip – Managing Absenteeism

Managing sickness and other absenteeism is an enduring headache for most employers and line managers, particularly when beginning conversations to address the issue with staff whose absence record is becoming...
Jun 02

Sales Manager Guide to Choosing & Using Psychometrics in Recruitment

From New Zealand Sales Manager Magazine. April 2010 If you ever want to polarise opinion in a meeting of sales managers, just start talking about psychometric testing. You’ll find that...
Mar 01

What is Your Career Worth to You?

Whether you own a business or work for one, 2010 looks to be shaping up to be a much better year than 2009. The downturn did however remind people that...
Feb 16

Recommended Book – Tough Interview Questions and how to Answer Them

There is a mountain of books with similar titles and claims to this one, but this one comes recommended without hesitation by us as we worked with the authors in...
Feb 16

Quick Buyers Guide to Using & Choosing Assessments in New Zealand

October 2012 In our experience, many managers and business owners are keen to either introduce objective assessments of job candidates and existing staff for the first time, or look at...
Dec 23

A New Years Resolution for Sales People

With the end of the year coming up fast, many of your clients and your own business will be taking stock; not just physical stock of raw materials and product,...
Nov 18

Is Your Career Worth $370?

So, you have spent most of the year doing everything for your clients, colleagues, staff, suppliers, friends and family. How about taking a moment as the year draws to a...

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