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Nov 17

At Last – An MYOB Skills Test!

One enduring request from smaller businesses over the past two or three years has been for an IT Skills Test for MYOB.  We have recently located a test that measures...
Aug 24

Questions for Sales Staff Interviews

Based on the work of Professor Steve Poppleton, author of the highly effective Poppleton Allen Sales Aptitude Test (PASAT), the core competencies associated with success in a sales environment are...
May 02

More Candidates, More Choice & More Risk

These enduring economic conditions have had the expected effect of bringing lots of job candidates into the market through redundancies at home, and an ever growing flow of people returning...
Feb 27

Ramp up your sales force

Reseller Magazine February 2009 Skilled reps continue to be a scarce resource, Brian J. Dooley finds Brian J. Dooley, Auckland Wednesday, February 11 2009 As the global economy moves into...
Feb 12

ROI for Businesses using Outplacement & Career Transition Services

Too often, the focus for using Outplacement and Career Transition Services is placed on the obvious benefits to employees affected by redundancy, restructure and reorganisation. However, the tangible benefits to...
Jan 16

Bridging the skills gap with Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga

In 2008, People Central began a long term project of filling the skills gap in Hawke's Bay and simultaneoulsy raising the prospects for young people to forge meaningful careers and...
Dec 11

Four Tips for Using Telephone Screening Interviews Effectively

Using the phone to conduct initial screening interviews in staff selection has grown from being all but unheard of seven or eight years ago to becoming a regular part of...
Dec 11

Top Tips for Candidates when faced with Testing & Assessment in Recruitment

A Guide for Candidates An ever growing number of organisations use testing and assessment as part of their selection process in order to get the most objective view of candidate's...

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