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Oct 20

Recruiting Sales Superstars

Recruiting good sales people presents unique obstacles.  Many sales candidates are great at interviews but not much else, and most arrive with glowing references, but for differing reasons. Reducing the...
Sep 03

Onboarding a new employee remotely? Use this checklist…

There’s plenty to consider when you’re bringing a new employee onboard – from meeting the team to being set up with the right tools. But what about when this whole process...
Aug 27

Assessing Contact Centre & Customer Service Candidates

How should an employer go about assessing a contact centre candidate’s likelihood of succeeding in that environment, or in smaller scale customer services roles where the bulk of communications with...
Jul 28

Can you ask that? Illegal interview questions revealed

Remember the lead-up to the 2017 election, when broadcaster Mark Richardson caused an uproar when he asked the then Leader of the Opposition, Jacinda Ardern, if she had plans to...
Jul 28

Black Lives Matter, Unconscious Bias & Recruitment – What Can Employers Do?

As most of you know, our Testing & Assessment Consultant, Mel, works remotely from her home in Arizona, where she lives with her family - these past few months, she's...
Jul 08

Addressing the Risks of Unsupervised Candidate Testing – Zoom to the Rescue!

At People Central, we like to share emerging innovative practices with our clients and the wider community of people who like making thoroughly informed recruitment and selection decisions, so here’s...
May 18

Personality profile reports. Adjusting your interpretations in the current climate

This isn't a scientific study, but rather observations from over 80 personality profile reports fed back to clients and candidates since mid-March when life changed dramatically for just about everybody....
Mar 31

Time to cash-in on your psychometric investments

By now, the reality has set in that many, if not all of your staff and colleagues are going to be working from home for at least the next month...

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