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Mar 31

Time to cash-in on your psychometric investments

By now, the reality has set in that many, if not all of your staff and colleagues are going to be working from home for at least the next month...
Mar 31

Sharpening up your phone & video interview technique

Traditionally, phone and video interviews have been used to turn candidate long-lists into shortlists on who to invite along to final face-to-face interviews.  In our current shutdown climate, the phone/video...
Mar 12

Managing Counter Offers

Whether you're a recruitment consultant, in-house recruiter or business owner, the counter-offer scenario will be a familiar exasperation.   After all the hours and effort of a selection process, you're...
Mar 07

Grief in the Workplace: When It’s Not Business as Usual

Charles Read used to think that employees should leave their personal problems at home. For years, the president and CEO of a payroll company with 17 employees—offered employees three days...
Feb 27

Introducing Podium Testing Suite

We are delighted to officially announce a new testing suite that we will be transitioning to this year. Designed in New Zealand, Podium is built on a foundation of solid academic research, with...
Jan 30

New Zealand’s Most In Demand Jobs & Skills for 2020

People keen for a career change might want to keep reading - the most in-demand jobs and skills in New Zealand have been revealed by new data. The Hays Job...
Jan 29

Creating a Culture That Attracts (and Keeps) Top Performers

Many companies take the position that their culture is what it is — and expect workers to adapt to it. Unfortunately, that approach doesn’t engage employees, help them be productive...
Oct 29

Don’t Give Up On the Golden Rule in the Workplace

Have you ever been annoyed at your team member for being too loud or rambunctious? Or impatient with your employee for not getting to the point quick enough? We all...

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