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Mar 27

How to Work with a Square Peg, Round Hole Employee

As Managers of people, most of us have had this type of experience. There’s an employee in your organisation whose temperament, work style, or skill level does not match what...
Mar 26

Dealing with Stress as a Manager – By Marie Miguel

From developing your team to making your own tough decisions, being a manager naturally comes with a lot of stress. The days when you can sit back and relax are...
Feb 25

A Manager’s Role in Turning Around Underperforming Team Members

Having to tell an employee that their performance hasn’t been meeting expectations is always a difficult conversation. However, acknowledging the role you play in this person’s success (or otherwise) is...
Feb 19

Making the most of Telephone Interviews

With current times bringing in high numbers of applicants from far and wide for most jobs, and most recruiting managers facing considerable pressure to manage time and costs, using phone-interviews...
Jan 29

New Year, New Opportunities

A New Year means one sure thing - a peak job market. This presents an opportune time for hiring managers' to make the most of the New Year job market,...
Jan 28

How to Consistently Hire Talented Salespeople

To achieve success, businesses need a competent sales team that will be able to overcome objections and create value for the potential customer. So what types of sales people are...
Dec 05

Why Recruiting in December Can Give You A Competitive Edge

It’s December, work is winding down and the work Christmas parties are in full swing. Conventional wisdom says that it’s also a quiet month for recruitment, but the reality is actually very different....
Nov 20

NZ Herald Article on People Central – The Business of Personality Testing For Recruiting

Steve Evans was recently interviewed by the NZ Herald's Paul Little to discuss the use and popularity of personality testing in a recruitment process. "Psychometric testing is big business. According...

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