Online Ability Testing – Big Step Forward in Availability & Efficiency

Accessing Supervised Ability Tests Online

When it comes to predicting whether a candidate has the capability to perform the cognitive tasks essential to success in any job, ability testing has one of the strongest correlations of effectiveness.

With ability testing suites available for almost every function and level, from Industrial and Process Staff to Senior Managers and Technical Experts, there is a solution to the burning question of “do they have the intellectual horsepower to perform?”

However, up until now the barrier to many employers using ability testing has been the need for many tests to be conducted in supervised settings by someone appropriately qualified to administer them.

For People Central clients, this barrier has been lifted after we successfully worked with major test publishers to allow for online access to every ability test in our arsenal, meaning you can raise the quality of your recruitment decisions without the hassle of sending candidates to supervised testing sessions.

All you and your candidates need to access any ability test is decent internet speed and skype.

As a client, you then need to determine whether you want to test candidates at your location or at their own homes. The former enables you to verify that the person taking the test is definitely the same person you are looking to employ, although testing people at home can include verification methods when talking to them on skype before commencing testing.

We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about changing the way you test and assess candidates.

We will also retain our supervised testing services through our network of qualified test administrators across New Zealand, Australia & the UK for those preferring a supervised approach.