Staff Shortages Causing Unmanageable Workloads for Third of Workers, Survey Finds

The knock-on effects of unfilled vacancies on existing staff were largely expected by employers, but this survey puts those effects in stark and alarming actual experiences.  While the survey was conducted in the UK, we could confidently expect the findings to be mirrored in New Zealand.

  • More than a third of staff surveyed reported unmanageable workloads that are affecting their mental health and attributed to unfilled vacancies
  • 78% reported experiencing burn-out symptoms since the start of 2022, also attributed to unfilled vacancies
  • 22% of People/HR professionals reported being unable to recruit anyone in the past 3 months

The CEO of TotalJobs, who commissioned the survey suggests familiar cures to ease the effects on staff and their managers:

  • Shorten the time to hire new staff to avoid losing candidates to competing job offers
  • Increase the wellbeing services offered to staff experiencing the pressures of unfilled vacancies, as well as the effects of a global cost of living crisis

People Central can’t help you much with the global cost of living crisis, but we can make huge improvements in shortening the time to hire new staff with our ‘fast & thorough’ techniques for getting you ahead of candidates competing jobs offers.  Contact Us to find out how.

See the full CIPD article and TotalJobs Survey here.