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Janelle Murray

Steve Evans

Steve assisted us with team development and personality testing for our Head of Departments. The feedback from the staff was that they all felt really comfortable with Steve and found his hands on approach going through their personality profiles a very informative, positive and helpful one. It was a great exercise as it helped our team all recognise each other’s …

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Michelle Lyes

Steve Evans

People Central have always being able to locate valid and reliable Testing & Assessment products suitable for our varied professional and technical roles. Any organisation looking to step up their staff selection and development processes should give them a call.

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Fred Koenders

Steve Evans

I have found People Central really helpful in providing testing services for critical positions in my faculty. They have a good range of tests to choose from and the service is quick and friendly. The follow up is marvellous. They provide a great additional input into the staff selection process.

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Greg Evans

Steve Evans

Firstlight Foods utilises the assistance of People Central during our recruiting process. One of the services provided by People Central is the opportunity to objectively test the competencies of an applicant and this is an important part of the decision making process when selecting new team members for our business. Their advice is both timely and professional.

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Laura Black

Steve Evans

Great service – really sharpened our process and our evaluation of candidates, uncovering some surprising information on the way. Support from People Central was comprehensive and insightful. We would definitely use them again.

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Brett Burgess

Steve Evans

What would a salesperson operating at 120% of their target be bringing into your business? What would a poor selection decision of someone delivering only 50% of their target be doing to your bottom line? If selecting the sales staff most likely to succeed in your business is important to you, then talk to People Central.

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Rohan Bowyer

Steve Evans

Tribe engages the services of People Central to assist in our recruitment selection process. Getting the right people on board is absolutely critical to our on-going success, and the team at People Central have an impressive arsenal of testing and profiling tools available to assist in this. In addition to the “soft” skills profiling, they have a wide range of …

Gavin Earle

Steve Evans

NZCU Baywide has found great benefit in People Central’s services, particularly in relation to psychometric testing. This process really validates the assumptions we have made during our selection process. We’ve found it gives us a great understanding of what will motivate an individual in a work situation, we can also measure their working style and discover their strengths and weaknesses. …

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Sue Whiteley

Steve Evans

People Central has delivered psychometric testing and assessment services for me for twelve years in two very different organisations.  Their degree of expertise and range of tests is excellent, as is their partnership approach in supporting us to use assessments most appropriate to the role and business.  Add to this their responsiveness in delivering on time when assessing candidates anywhere …

Viv Bull

Steve Evans

Industrial Proficiency Testing provided by People Central has allowed Napier Port to understand individuals’ ability across a range of functions, including numeracy skills, attention to detail, and the ability to follow instructions. The testing process has improved our recruitment standards and helped us to better understand our learner base, contributing to more efficient and streamlined training programmes