100% Subsidised Support for Redundancies in Hawke’s Bay

As most of our clients know, we run highly effective outplacement/redundancy support programs in the Hawke’s Bay region, with an 80% success rate of getting displaced staff into similar jobs within 2 months of them completing the program, which is an impressive track record in current economic conditions.

Up until now, whilst almost every employer we talk to would like to offer their redundant people this service to get them back into employment as swiftly and painlessly as possible, the barrier has always been finding funds for the service when they are already financially squeezed enough to be letting people go.

However, our 80% success rate has been recognised by WINZ who are keen to use us in keeping newly redundant people off the dole queue by offering funds to employers who engage us to deliver outplacement services to their displaced staff.

Our standard 4-stage program of self evaluation, CV compilation, interview skills workshop and job search techniques can be 100% subsidised.   Longer programs aimed at senior staff can be substantially subsidised too.

As well as the obvious benefits to affected staff, businesses that engage in supporting displaced staff reap substantial benefits in minimising legal risk and cost, maintaining a positive public image, maintain or increasing productivity among remaining staff and reducing stress and workloads of people responsible for making colleagues redundant.  A fuller picture of these benefits can be seen here.

Our mission now is to get the message out to all employers in the region faced with the dilemma of making people in the region redundant as a way of sweetening a very bitter pill with real prospects of giving displaced people a viable future in the region.  You can demonstrate your support for the region too by spreading the word to business owners and line managers in your network of this services availability.

Give Steve Evans a call on 06 833 6465 to offer this service to your staff or people you know who are affected by redundancy.