Psychometric Testing & Assessment

The average cost of bad recruitment is 140% of the salary for the role*. That’s a $70,000 mistake on a $50,000 a year job. Save time, money, stress and your reputation with our online psychometric testing processes.

*Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) Study

Our Services

We provide an extensive range of online and supervised testing and psychometric assessment products across New Zealand, supporting the recruitment process and providing assessments of existing staff and teams.
Personality Questionaires & Tests

Personality Profiling

Assess the soft skills that determine success or failure. Personality Questionaires & Tests

Ability Tests

Ability Tests

Test the intellect required to perform each job effectively. Ability Tests

Sales Tests

Sales Tests

Is your candidate likely to hit targets consistently? Sales Tests

IT & Software Tests

Computer & IT Tests

Is your candidate technically competent? IT & Software Tests

Admin & Professional Tests

Admin & Customer Service Tests

Is your candidate competent? Admin & Professional Tests

Why Choose Us

We have twenty years of experience in helping business owners and human resources staff make informed recruitment decisions. Our personal support and quick delivery ensure we add a tonne of value to your selection decision-making without slowing you down.

All of our team and associates have worked as HR/People Managers or Business Owners and know from first-hand experience the frustrations and risks associated with getting recruitment and selection decisions right first time, as well as the irritations of sourcing providers with poor products or unrealistic terms.

  • Friendly and fast to respond

    Responsive to your recruitment timelines. We get your candidate testing reports to you within 24hrs of them completing their assessment, enabling you to accelerate job offers to strong candidates ahead of your competitors.

  • One-to-one support

    One-to-one support from qualified and experienced testing & assessment practitioners ensures you get the most from every assessment. We also courtesy call candidates to take them through their assessment before they start.

  • Easily accessed online testing

    All your candidates need to access any of our products is an internet connection. We can assess local, regional, national and international candidates any time, with verification steps to ensure candidate authenticity.

  • New Zealand owned & operated

    We live and operate in New Zealand, know the Kiwi job market and only use testing and assessment products that are either made here, or have extensive track records of successful application in New Zealand.

  • No Junk Tests

    We select tests and assessment products from a global range of respected publishers on stringent criteria of whether they add valid and reliable support to selection and development decisions.

  • No contracts

    No contracts, minimum purchase volumes, tests with expiry dates or similar constrictions that drove us nuts when we were in your shoes. Just get the product(s) relevant to your vacancy, when you need them.

Our Clients

People Central exists to provide employers of any size, in any sector, access to candidate testing and psychometric assessment products as and when they need them.


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A selection of our news articles on emerging trends and best practice in domestic and world-wide recruitment, selection, development and career management.

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The average cost of bad recruitment is 140% of the salary for the role*. That’s a $70,000 mistake on a $50,000 a year job.

Save time, money, stress and your reputation with our online testing processes.

*Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) Study