New Zealand’s Most Popular Ability Test Battery Available Unsupervised & Online

The General Reasoning Test (GRT2) battery of Numerical, Verbal and Abstract reasoning is one of the most widely used ability test batteries, with over 40,000 administered in New Zealand.

This is the test chosen by New Zealand Police to sharpen up police recruitment practices after criticisms in 2006/7.  The test is particularly useful for identifying staff who are likely to benefit from further training and development, and those who demonstrate promotion potential.

This test is now available in an unsupervised online version, removing the barrier of needing an appropriately qualified supervisor to administer it.

Whilst we would still recommend that clients take steps to ensure that the person completing the test is the same person you are looking to hire or promote by having the tests completed either on your premises or by a third party who can verify each participants identity, this online version opens up access to any employer, anywhere, anytime, as all we need to set up the session are the names, contact phone numbers and email addresses of participants to complete the process.

Coupled with our service level to get results to hiring managers within 24hrs of test completion, this online development enables employers to make fast and accurate selection decisions without denting quality.

You can find out more about the GRT2 and see a sample report by clicking here.  Then give us a call on 0508 736753