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Where are successful businesses using Psychometric Testing reports in 2018?

This year, we have seen a dramatic increase in new clients, especially among businesses that last year might have described themselves as ‘start-ups’ & are now best described as rapidly growing successful outfits.

As well as using testing & assessment when recruiting new senior staff, the savvy operators of these businesses have also extended the use of testing & assessment in two critical fields:

1. Making the most of the Personality Profiles Collected in 2017

By taking the combined Team Roles, Leadership, Subordinate and Influencing Styles of recent recruits to identify clusters of strengths and blind-spots in their teams, before working on strategies to ensure those blind-spots don’t hamper the performance of the business.

In other words, targeted and meaningful team development, rather than cookie-cutter team-building exercises.

Similarly, these businesses take the preferred leadership styles of their managers and match them against how their staff prefer to be managed and motivated, looking for natural strengths when setting up teams, whilst ensuring their managers adapt their preferred styles to suit different people in different situations.

How does that stack up against the generic “How to do Emotional Intelligence” course you saw on Linked-In?


2. Using Candidate Testing & Assessment for All Staff Groups

Savvy clients have extended the use of candidate testing and assessment to use tests and assessments designed for specific staff groups at all levels in their businesses, stepping away from the traditional model of concentrating on graduates, supervisors and middle-managers to include whether staff on the front-line of their production lines can understand instructions, pay attention to detail and work with everyday numbers, right through to ensuring that personality fit and intellectual horsepower to contribute to boardroom strategy discussions are present in candidates at executive director level.

Similarly, where roles require technical expertise, whether it be Management Accounting or PHP Web Developers, these clients use technical testing, ensuring candidates prove what they can do rather than just talk about it at interview.

If you would like to build your organisation’s effectiveness in similar ways in 2018, give us a call on 0508 736 753 and we’d be delighted to help!