Assessing Contact Centre & Customer Service Candidates

How should an employer go about assessing a contact centre candidate’s likelihood of succeeding in that environment, or in smaller scale customer services roles where the bulk of communications with customers take place over the phone or internet?

Candidate assessment suites designed specifically for these environments tend to focus on a blend of abilities essential to success where information is transferred verbally and at speed and personality preferences associated with team-working, maintaining high performance, following policy, dealing with difficult callers and making sales.

In recent months, we have supported employers recruiting into these roles and the MSD/EIT participant assessments with assessments that have included:

Contact Centre Scenario Inventory

A comprehensive assessment of behaviours associated with success in contact centres, including those with outbound sales calls

Clerical Testing Battery

Ability testing of candidates comprehension of business English, attention to detail and numerical skills

Data Entry

Speed and accuracy in alpha-numeric data entry

Simulated Inbound & Outbound Calls and assessments aimed at Team Leaders addressing staff performance and workload scheduling are also available. Give us a call on 0508 736 753 to raise the performance of new recruits into your customer service positions