Is Your Career Worth $370?

So, you have spent most of the year doing everything for your clients, colleagues, staff, suppliers, friends and family.

How about taking a moment as the year draws to a close to think about yourself?

Is your career, your business and everything outside of work going as well as you would like?  Even if the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’, think for a moment on:

  • What do others value about you?
  • What do others do that irritate you?
  • What do you do to irritate other people?
  • What could you do to maximise your effectiveness at work?
  • What is holding you back from achieving all that you could achieve in your career or business?
  • How do you manage change?
  • Can you convert theoretical ideas into practical solutions?
  • How do you solve problems & make decisions?
  • How well do you deal with difficult or conflictual situations?
  • What is your Leadership Style?
  • What are you like to have as a member of staff?
  • How do you go about influencing people?
  • What role do you play in a team?
  • How do you deal with the stresses and strains of the job?
  • How effective are you at all of the above?

In our experience, our clients spend lots of time and effort answering these questions for their staff and job candidates, but precious little time asking the same questions about themselves, even though the answers to these questions will make the difference between their careers and businesses reaching their full potential.

Just $370 buys you a thorough personality assessment and feedback session with people who live and breath personal and professional development, where you can identify those personal strengths that others value in you and develop strategies to overcome those habits that hold you back, including a 6 weeks and 6 months later review to ensure those strategies are in place and utilised.

So, ask yourself the question again; Is your career worth $370? and give Steve Evans a call on 06 833 6465