At Last – An MYOB Skills Test!

One enduring request from smaller businesses over the past two or three years has been for an IT Skills Test for MYOB.  We have recently located a test that measures skills across the broad functions of MYOB-8, allowing recruiting managers the opportunity to measure precise skills on this ever popular software and determine whether a candidate has the skills they claim on their CV, and if appointed, where training and development will need to be concentrated to bring them up to speed.

The test also provides opportunities to get objective measures of the MYOB Skills of existing staff members to target their professional development in roles that require MYOB skills.

Like all of our IT & Software Skills Tests, the MYOB Test can be completed online by calling us on 06 833 6465 and at just $100 per test, is a highly cost effective way of getting hard evidence of essential skills that just cannot be uncovered at interview.