Managing Out-of-Region Candidate’s & Off-Site Staff

As the volume of psychometric test and assessment we deliver for clients across the country continues to climb, it seems a timely moment to remind readers of the options they have available to them when their preferred job candidate is currently living at the opposite end of the country, or even off-shore.

The same dilemma faces HR and line managers wanting to assess staff working off-site.  How do you go about getting a thorough and accurate picture of their abilities, team-fit and potential without the time, expense and inconvenience of travel?

There are three options available through People Central Ltd that will enable you to readily address the issue:

1. Can these people be assessed or tested online?

As most of you know by now, most reputable personality questionnaires can be completed online.  All we need from you is the participant’s name, contact phone number and email address and we do the rest within 24 hours.

Online assessments are not restricted to just personality questionnaires, with most software and IT skills tests also available online, although the employer needs to be sure the person completing the test is the same one they are trying to recruit!

2. Using Skype for Supervised Sessions

Some supervised testing sessions can now be supervised by us via Skype, including our flagship tests of Numerical, Verbal and Abstract Reasoning, Clerical and Industrial Proficiency Tests.

This has brought about huge positive change for our regular clients who can make thorough assessments of candidates before deciding on whether to invest time, money and effort into travel and accommodation when short-listing  or making promotion decisions for existing staff who work off-site.

3. Use our National & International Network of Qualified Professionals


Online testing and assessment isn’t appropriate in every situation.  Where participants are required to complete Ability Tests or Assessment Centre Exercises such as Role Play’s, then the use of appropriately qualified and seasoned assessors is often mandatory.

Fortunately for you, we have put considerable time and effort into building up a network of such people across most of New Zealand’s main centres, recently adding Invercargill and Queenstown to the list.  We also have assessment partners in the major Australian cities, the UK and EU.

In other words, we can get your candidates and off-site staff assessed almost wherever they are, so you can confidently apply the same diligence to the recruitment and selection decision making process no matter where individuals are located.  Give us a call today on 06 833 6465 to see where we can support your recruitment, selection and promotion processes.