New Zealand’s Most In Demand Jobs & Skills for 2020

People keen for a career change might want to keep reading – the most in-demand jobs and skills in New Zealand have been revealed by new data.

The Hays Job Report for January-June 2020 has been released, with data on the most highly-valued skills, as well as the sectors that have the greatest number of positions that need filling.

Hays New Zealand managing director Adam Shapley said in a statement the agency was seeing vacancy activity in finance, IT, marketing, HR, construction, office support, and insurance.

The most bankable careers at the moment seem to be in the IT and marketing industries, with DevOps engineers, analytics managers and Revit technicians highly sought after.

Shapley said, however, there are wider issues that will determine jobseeker success this year.

In response to technology changing so quickly, employers are looking for workers who adapt well and are continuous learners.

“Employers also want people who can make data-based decisions,” Shapley said.

“In response to rapid technological change, soft, social, and emotional skills also continue to grow in importance and are becoming prerequisites across all job functions.”

Another strong area for 2020 is content management. In its job report, Hays says managers want people who can produce across a range of platforms.

“Data-driven platforms rely heavily on the ongoing production of high-quality content, so content managers who can produce content across a range of media, including short and long-form written content, infographics and video, are also in demand.”

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