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Introducing Podium Testing Suite

We are delighted to officially announce a new testing suite that we will be transitioning to this year.

Designed in New Zealand, Podium is built on a foundation of solid academic research, with assessments based on the best scientifically validated psychometric models and a platform that was designed specifically with test takers in mind and can be accessed from a range of devices.

Perspectives is our new broad-range personality questionnaire that is based on modern neuroscientific and psychometric models of personality. It assesses ten factors of personality associated with success in a broad range of employment sectors and is suitable for use in all areas of business where detailed information is required about employees’ and prospective employees’ patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

GCAT – Our General Cognitive Ability Test assesses candidates Numerical, Verbal and Abstract reasoning in one combined test.  We have 2 versions of this assessment, one is untimed which enables candidates to demonstrate their abilities in a more life-like setting where they haven’t got a stopwatch counting down and the other version has a 30 minute time limit, which is useful if you’re interested in ascertaining a candidate’s capabilities while under pressure.

Acumen is a high level, Verbal & Numerical critical reasoning assessment designed to measure a person’s ability to conceptualise, analyse, question and evaluate ideas.

Clerical Ability Assessment – Aimed at people who have completed secondary school education, this test battery consists of the following assessments:

  • Verbal Reasoning to test capability to effectively use everyday business English
  • Numerical Abilities in making sense of everyday office basic arithmetic and numbers
  • Abstract Reasoning to test how quickly they can learn
  • Clerical Checking Test to test attention to detail and accuracy in administrative tasks

Take a look at the new products and services we offer to support you make sound recruitment and selection decisions. All of our existing tests, including 15FQ+ & PASAT will also remain available to clients.