What is Your Career Worth to You?

Whether you own a business or work for one, 2010 looks to be shaping up to be a much better year than 2009.

The downturn did however remind people that one of their most valuable assets is their career.

A recovering market brings opportunities to secure new business and reap the rewards of maintaining strong relationships with existing clients. To achieve this, most businesses and sales people have spent the past few weeks implementing the business plans drawn up before the summer break.

All that business planning and sales forecasting is of course essential, but their success hinges on one critical factor that often gets overlooked – You!

Gaining a clear understanding of your strengths, blind-spots and development needs brings meaning and direction to your business plans by understanding what people value about the way you communicate with others, how you prefer to plan and organise, deal with pressure, adapt to change, manage others, prefer to be managed yourself and the strengths you bring to your team.

Knowing what others value about you, what you do to irritate people and what others do that irritate you is a great start in on the road to matching your professional development to your business plans, but when you understand how to adapt your current behaviour and responses to situations to maximise your effectiveness in every business encounter, then the exercise brings potential for huge rewards; financially, personally and professionally.

All of these benefits can be readily achieved through self assessment using tried and tested measures of personality, backed up with one-to-one feedback with qualified and seasoned practitioners and six months of on-tap follow up support in putting plans into action. People Central Ltd deliver this package for just $370.

So, to ask the question again, what is your career or business worth to you? If you believe you are worth more than $370, give Steve Evans at People Central a call on 06 833 6465