MS Office

Are you 100% certain that your candidates are proficient in MS Office?

A hiring manager’s and candidate’s idea of “proficiency” in any given software system can be two very different things.  If you’re hiring for a position requiring Microsoft Office skills, then our blended Microsoft Office pre-employment skills test is exactly what you need to measure a candidate’s true depth of knowledge.

The Microsoft Office skills test measures a candidate’s knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook (see detailed test topics below).  Like all of our IT & Software Skills Tests, the MS Office Skills Test is very straightforward and easy to access and can be completed online by your candidate via email test link.  Coupled with our service level to get results to hiring managers within 24hrs of test completion, this assessment enables fast and accurate selection decisions without slowing down the recruitment process.

At just $127 per test, the MS Office Skills Test is a highly cost effective way of getting hard evidence of essential skills that just cannot be uncovered at interview.  Give us a call on 0508 736 753 to set one up.

Microsoft Office Skills Test Report

Target audience: Any staff required to use MS Office software

Test Length: 32 mins (max time allowed – 3 minutes per question)

Test Topics:

  • MS Word: Layout and Formatting, Revising and Printing, and Standard Word Functions.
  • MS Excel: Data Entry and Manipulation, Formulas, Functions and Charts, and Navigating and Printing.
  • MS PowerPoint: Navigating and Help, Creating, Editing, and Managing Presentations, Slide Setup, and Publishing Presentations.
  • MS Outlook: Mail Management and Message Organisation, Address Book, Schedules and Calendars, and Navigating Outlook and Printing.

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