Ability Testing

It’s a proven fact that interviews and reference checks simply don’t cut it when it comes to determining whether a candidate has the core abilities essential to success in a job.  Ability testing fills that gap.

Reliable and Valid Ability Tests are among the strongest predictors of success in any job, and with access to the most tried and tested tests from the worlds most trusted  psychometric test publishers, People Central deliver testing to businesses across New Zealand and beyond through our network of qualified practitioners.

The abilities measured vary depending on what you need but typically they’ll include:

  • Verbal and Numerical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Various Clerical Accuracy and Checking Measures
  • Industrial Proficiency
  • Technical Ability

You’ll find a variety of benefits to using skills tests:

  • As a valid and reliable screening tool in the selection process
  • Eliminating unsuitable applicants before the interview process begins.
  • Testing the skills of current employees prior to in house promotions that demand higher levels of ability.
  • Often several skills tests are done at a time allowing you to assess ability across a range of core skills.

Sample Industrial Staff Ability Test Report
Sample Management/Graduate Numerical & Verbal Reasoning Report

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