Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use testing and assessment when recruiting someone?

A: Interviews and reference checks alone are poor predictors of success in any job. Testing and assessment supports the recruitment process by providing objective information to help employers make informed selection decisions and development plans to get new staff up to speed as swiftly as possible.

Q: What do People Central tests and assessments measure?

A: The three core elements - personality, ability and skills.

Q: How do I pick the right tests or assessments for our organisation or job?

A: By determining the essential criteria associated with success in that job or organisation. Position Descriptions are a good starting point and you can always discuss your requirements with us for guidance.

Q: How does the process work for testing candidates?

A: Very simply. All we need to proceed is candidates name, email address and contact phone number. We contact candidates, send them a link to their assessment and address any queries or concerns they have before starting.

Q: How soon do I get results and reports?

A: In a candidate-scare employment market, we pride ourselves on ensuring you get all the benefits from candidate testing and assessment without slowing the recruitment process down and have a service level agreement of getting psychometric testing results to you within 24hrs of candidates completing their assessment. Software & skills tests are delivered to your inbox within minutes of completion.

Q: How do I make sense of the results and reports?

A: Many of our tests reports are readily interpreted by hiring managers, but we always make a qualified & experienced testing and assessment professional will take you and your selection panel through your candidates reports, highlighting potential strengths and concerns, and taking you through interview questions to address those concerns with candidates & their referees to ensure you get as much as possible from every assessment, every time.

Q: Should I use testing and assessment for Team Development/Team Building?

A: Yes, absolutely. Personality profiling identifies team roles, leadership and influencing styles, enabling business owners and managers to identify strengths and blind-spots in teams, potential for conflict among team members and team-wide development priorities. Find out more here.

Q: Should I give candidates copies of their reports?

A: Yes, you should.  There is a wealth of evidence to support communicating all testing and assessment reports with all candidates, including unsuccessful candidates who tend to talk positively about your employer brand when they receive useful information to assist their ongoing job search. Unsuccessful candidates chatting about being disappointed in how you handled their application on social media is best avoided.

Q: How much do these tests cost?

A: Testing pricing depends on which tests and assessments are chosen, starting with software and skills tests at $127, through to full personality profiling at $495. If you’re shopping purely on price, we’re not the cheapest as we only use products that have passed stringent validity and reliability tests and are relevant to New Zealand's population.


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