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Feb 01

Unimpressive Results Using ChatGPT to Cheat Psychometrics

Unsurprisingly, one of the most frequently asked questions from clients and prospects over the past eighteen months went something along the lines of “Can candidate’s use ChatGPT, or similar Large...
Sep 27

Your feelings of Imposter Syndrome: Is it the system, or is it you?

This isn’t a comment and division-seeking piece claiming Imposter Syndrome doesn’t exist. That workplace institutions feel less comfortable or all out exclusive to some sections of society, whilst others seamlessly...
Mar 23

Assessing Someone’s Suitability for Remote/Home Working

Since the Covid pandemic changed our attitudes towards working from home and accelerated an already growing trend towards remote working, there’s a common theme among business commentators that the world...
Sep 13

Skills gap is HR’s biggest hiring challenge, research suggests

More research coming out of the UK, but equally applicable in New Zealand from the daily conversations we have with HR/People managers and business owners.   When ECI Partners polled...
Aug 04

Staff Shortages Causing Unmanageable Workloads for Third of Workers, Survey Finds

The knock-on effects of unfilled vacancies on existing staff were largely expected by employers, but this survey puts those effects in stark and alarming actual experiences.  While the survey was...
Jul 10

Businesses Regret Half of New Hires

International recruitment consultancy Robert Half reported that 46% of the businesses surveyed to develop a recently released report had made a bad hire in the past 12 months, with small...
Jul 08

Learning to Make Peace with High Staff Turnover

A recent UK survey of senior HR people revealed that whilst 53% of them ranked talent shortages as the biggest threat to their businesses continuity, only 19% felt they were...
Jun 15

Time to Revisit Transparent Interviews?

During my HR Manager days, I used to think Transparent Interviews were ‘cheating’; not taken seriously, used by public sector bodies to give internal applicants unfair advantage over external applicants....

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