Critical Reasoning Test Battery – CRTB1 & CRTB2

Critical Reasoning Tests are essential for roles that require clearly defined abilities to make logical decisions from complex text and raw data by quickly and accurately turning it into meaningful management information.

Aimed at Graduate to Executive Director Level, the CRTB series consist of Numerical and Verbal Critical Reasoning Tests, which can be run individually or together.  There are also two levels of difficulty in the CRTB tests, the higher level being of particular relevance to Business Analysts, CFO/CEO’s and senior partners in professional services such as Accounting & Legal Practices

Clients and applicants find the CRTB series questions, which focus on business scenarios, relevant and valuable in teasing out candidates who can tease out strong from weak arguments, true from false information, spot anomalies and trends in data and turn blocks of raw data into relevant management information.

As with all ability tests promoted by us, these tests measure candidates against an appropriate New Zealand norm-group and have passed stringent tests of their reliability and validity.

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