Health & Safety Indicator (HSI)

With the introduction of the Health & Safety at Work (2016) Act and ACC levies being calculated against organisations compliance and focus on safe workplaces, an ever growing number of organisations are aiming to reduce the incidence of health and safety incidents and workplace accidents.

The Health & Safety Indicator (HSI) assesses a range of ability and personality characteristics that represent an individual’s tendency towards safe behaviour in the workplace environment.

The HSI is a combination of targeted personality and ability measures in one assessment which allows for the identification of health and safety risk factors. It includes an overall score as well as specidfic ability and personality scores. The ability components are timed whereas the personality components are not. Specific measures include:

Ability to Operate Safely

  • Understanding instructions
  • Checking and attention to detail
  • Understanding the safety environment

Safety Focused Personality

  • Safety motivation
  • Safety diligence
  • Adherence to rules
  • Openness to guidance
  • Safety confidence
  • Safety composure

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