Contact Centre Scenario Inventory – CCSI

Call centre and contact centre focused jobs require assessments that measure behaviours specifically associated with high job performance within both inbound customer service and outbound sales and service orientated contact and call centres.

The Contact Centre Scenario Inventory (CCSI) delivers a fast, accurate and effective assessment for selecting and/or developing people who work in call and contact centres.  The criteria assessed are:

  • Effective Interaction with Team Members
  • Maintaining High Performance
  • Following Policy & Procedure
  • Responding to Challenging Customers
  • Focus on Outbound Sales Calls
  • Overall Suitability for Call/Contact Centre Employment

Completed online, the CCSI is readily accessible and extremely cost effective.  Clients also add the GRT2 online ability test of basic numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning to get a combined assessment of both hard abilities to grasp information at work, respond to training and induction priorities as well as the above personality traits associated with success.  Tests of Alpha Numeric Data Entry speed and accuracy are also valuable additions to Contact Centre Assessments

As with all assessment products promoted by us, the CCSI measure candidates against an appropriate New Zealand norm-group and has passed stringent tests of reliability and validity.

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