Poppleton Allen Sales Aptitude Test – PASAT

The most comprehensive Sales Focused psychometric tool on the market, and available online , The Poppleton Allen Sales Aptitude Test (PASAT) measures the liklihood of someone to succeed in a sales or customer relationship role, as well as identifying where an employer is likely to need to concentrate training and development to get that person from good to great.

PASAT has eight main scales

  • Social Adjustment – the tendency to establish and maintain effective relationships with others.
  • Motivational Adjustment – is concerned with goal-directed behaviour and with seeking challenges.
  • Emotional Adjustment – is concerned with coping effectively with emotionally challenging events and in showing resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Adaptability – is concerned with the capacity to embrace change, adapt to it and generally react in a positive way towards change.
  • Conscientiousness – is concerned with doing things conscientiously, planning, paying attention to detail and following rules.
  • Social Control – is concerned with influencing others by a variety of means & controlling situations.
  • Emotional Stability – is concerned with mood control.
  • Self-Assurance – is essentially concerned with having a positive view of oneself.

In addition, PASAT has three further scales designed to detect the ability to manage the impression of the test taker:

  • Attentive Distortion – attention to the social cues given by others as a guide to one’s own behaviour.
  • Adaptive Distortion – adapting one’s own behaviour to match or compliment that of others.
  • Social Distortion – the emphasis participants place on portraying a positive social image to others

Unusually for the realm of personality and inventory questionnaires, PASAT scores liklihood to succeed in a 1 to 10 rating, where clients can use their own cut-off scores to determine whether an applicant should progress through the selection process, or be rejected on the grounds that they are unlikely to cut it in a sales environment regardless of investment in training and development.

Take a look at the sample reports below for poor, mediocre and high performing sales staff, then give us a call on 0508 PEOPLE.

PASAT – Sample Report – High Performer

PASAT – Sample Report – Middle Performer

PASAT – Sample Report – Poor Performer

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