Accountests is Launched in New Zealand

After twelve months of intensive design, construction and peer review involving accounting, web and software expertise from Europe and New Zealand, it was with great pleasure that we launched the website and online testing platform for our new sister company Accountests Ltd on 15th July.

Accountests has been created to fill a widely felt void felt by recruiting managers, business owners and recruitment consultants in raising their confidence that new entrants to their organisations and their client’s organisations have the core accounting and/or bookkeeping skills essential to succeed in the role.

New Zealand is our home and our launch pad, with UK specific tests planned to go live towards the end of the year, then the US and India, followed by Australia, South Africa, Ireland and Canada.

You can access the website and testing platform at

As existing clients and followers of People Central, we are giving you a free Accountests test, which you can use perhaps as a gift to clients, to enhance a selection or promotion processs within your own business, or just to sit the finished product yourself and gain a user experience.

To access your free test, just visit our contact us page and specify which of the Chartered Accountant, Graduate/Non Chartered Accountant or Bookkeeper Test you would like to complete. We will then forward you the link and the report will be sent to you directly.

Once you have taken a good look through the website and trialled the test, we would welcome your support in promoting Accountests to your employer, clients and networks.

As well as adding considerable value to you in managing risks when making internal appointments, you can offer Accountests products directly to your clients, supporting them in making strong selection decisions when recruiting bookkeepers and accountants at all levels and having the confidence that their new staff can competently prepare and administer your client’s financial transactions and taxation responsibilities.

Over the next few months, you’ll be hearing lots about us and from us as we establish ourselves in the marketplace. For readers attending the HR Game Changer Conference in Auckland in September, look out for our stand and come and say hello. If you would like to find out more about raising the effectiveness of your recruitment and succession of accounting staff, or assist your clients in recruiting quality bookkeepers, do give us a call on 0800 896 325.