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Skills gap is HR’s biggest hiring challenge, research suggests

More research coming out of the UK, but equally applicable in New Zealand from the daily conversations we have with HR/People managers and business owners.


When ECI Partners polled 202 HR Managers in the UK summer of 2022, almost a fifth cited their biggest hiring obstacle as a lack of technical skills and knowledge among applicants.


Building long term plans to address skills shortages by hiring for future potential was rated by 52% of respondents as their method for dealing with the problem, mostly through graduate recruitment and apprenticeship programmes, along with streamlining recruitment processes and accelerating their delivery.


A healthy degree of mistrust in whether AI is a friend or foe in addressing skills shortages led to many respondents proceeding with caution in applying AI to their screening processes.


Assessing candidates potential futures and current technical skills is what we at People Central live and breathe.  If you’re facing similar challenges in your workplace, get in touch.  If you’d like to see more of the surveys outcomes, take a look at the full article and links at this link.