Clerical Test Battery

It’s All In The Details: Testing Candidates Clerical Aptitude

How should an employer go about assessing a candidate’s likelihood of succeeding in a clerical/administration role, where the bulk of work is carried out over the phone or on a computer?

Clerical aptitude is important for performing a wide variety of administration skills and tasks such as proofreading, filling out paperwork or online forms like spreadsheets, reading, inspecting, filing, and checking.

The Clerical Test Battery test measures a candidate’s knowledge of verbal reasoning, numerical ability, clerical checking and spelling:

  • Verbal Reasoning: measures basic vocabulary, verbal fluency and the ability to reason using everyday business English.
  • Numerical ability: measures the ability to use numbers efficiently in clerical and administrative contexts, such as calculating travel expenses and working out the unit price of goods.
  • Clerical Checking: assesses the ability to quickly and accurately check verbal and numerical information (names, addresses, code numbers and telephone numbers, etc.) against a target. This is a classic speed/precision test which assesses the ability to quickly and accurately code data.
  • Spelling: assesses the ability to correctly spell commonly misspelt business words.

This test is very straightforward and easy to access and can be completed online by a candidate via email test link.   Coupled with our service level to get results to hiring managers within 24hrs of test completion, this online assessment enables employers to make fast and accurate selection decisions without slowing down the recruitment process.

At $315 per test, the Clerical Test Battery is a cost effective way of getting hard evidence of essential skills that just cannot be uncovered at interview.

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