Recruiting Sales Superstars

Recruiting good sales people presents unique obstacles.  Many sales candidates are great at interviews but not much else, and most arrive with glowing references, but for differing reasons.

Reducing the risk of selecting poor performers and concentrating your efforts on applicants most likely to thrive in sales and customer relations roles must be among any businesses top priorities. This can be readily achieved through using sales-specific psychometric assessments during the selection process for new staff and uncovering the obstacles holding back your existing sales team.

Available online, with a NZ norm group, PASAT measures the likelihood of a candidate to succeed in a sales or customer relationship role, as well as identifying where an employer needs to concentrate sales training and development to get that person from good to great.

Clients love the easily interpreted, traffic-light style reports which identify strengths and priority training needs, removing the need to send sales teams on cookie-cutter generic training courses and instead targeting tailored training where it is most needed.

In recruitment, PASAT enables employers to identify potential high flyers and accelerate job offers ahead of their competitors, reject low scorers who will never deliver no matter how much time, effort and dollars you throw at their training and candidates with the potential to perform if training and coaching is applied.

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