People Central’s Clients Benefit from Major New Investment in Personality Profiling Services

We have recently invested heavily in new additions to our cutting edge personality profiling services that bring huge additional benefits to our clients when recruiting new staff, making the most of existing teams and enhancing your businesses PR through positive experiences of coming into contact with your business as a job applicant.

The three core changes are:

  • 1. A new capability enabling you to determine the essential criteria for the job before assessing candidates for shortlisting; reducing the time and effort spent in setting up and administering the recruitment process and enabling you to only shortlist people most likely to succeed in the job.
  • 2. New staff personal development plans to ensure new recruits get from good to great performers in the shortest route, and demonstrating your commitment to them from day-1
  • 3. New feedback reports to unsuccessful candidates to ensure they get positive, useful and realistic ways of sharpening up their careers, removing the risk to your PR

1. Assessing the Role Before Recruiting or Promoting

Imagine having an agreed, clear and measurable vision of the criteria essential to success in the job you are looking to either recruit or promote someone into.

You may already have a partial view of this through existing job descriptions, discussions with departing job incumbents and perhaps even the views of customers and other stakeholders.  However, you can make a substantial addition to this process now that we have added to our services a version of our most popular personality questionnaire that measures the job rather than the person to give recruiters a clear picture of what they are looking for before they begin sifting through candidates

  • By completing an online questionnaire that focuses on the behaviours most important to success in the job, hiring managers have an objective, measurable and agreed template against which to measure shortlisted candidates.
  • Where a job has a number of different people dependent on its success (customers, suppliers, other internal departments etc), then all of these stakeholders can have input in completing the questionnaire to get an agreed view of the requirements of the job
  • Mis-matches between the ideal candidate profile and shortlisted candidates can then be explored at interview to determine whether a candidate is likely to perform in the job and where personal development plans need to be concentrated.  In other words, target the right training where it’s needed rather than just use generic induction programmes
  • Job assessments are extremely cost effective at just $170 per assessment, including profile production and one-to-one feedback discussion with our team

Several key clients have already put this new assessment to the test in determining the core strengths required in their key positions.  You can reap similar benefits by calling us on 06 833 6465 or clicking here to contact us.

2. New Recruit Personal Development Plans

Enabling hiring managers to make the absolute most from the information they gather in making strong recruitment decisions is at the heart of what we do.  Our recent investment into enhancing the reporting available from our flagship personality profile tool enables you to have specific, measurable and realistic personal development plans to get new recruits up to speed in the shortest route through targeted personal development.

You can see sample reports by calling us on 06 833 6465 or clicking here to contact us.

3. Letting Candidates Down Without Denting your Public Image

All that time, effort and money spent on maintaining your positive public image can soon be dented when you interview several staff but only have one vacancy.  The risk of unsuccessful candidates talking in disparaging terms about your business can have a negative effect, especially in provincial New Zealand where everybody knows everybody else.

This risk can readily be managed if unsuccessful candidates walk away with tangible pointers and recommendations to move their careers forward and increase their chances of success at their next interview.

The third major benefit to employers from our recent investments achieves just that, with self-development action plans for unsuccessful candidates to put into practice, meaning that their disappointment is tempered and their contact with your business as a job candidate has been a positive one despite not getting the job.

You can reap similar benefits of all three of these additions to People Central’s services by calling us on 06 833 6465 or clicking here to contact us.