working from home

Time to cash-in on your psychometric investments

By now, the reality has set in that many, if not all of your staff and colleagues are going to be working from home for at least the next month and quite possibly the next quarter.

All those questions on how will you manage, motivate, communicate with, develop and just keep things afloat will have been ringing louder for anybody coming to terms with this ‘new normal’ being anything but normal in relation to how you have worked before.

I’d like to dangle a well-timed silver lining in front of you.  As clients of People Central, you have very likely used personality profiling and ability testing when recruiting your key people and now is the time to reap the rewards of your investment.

All that info you were seeking when you were making recruitment decisions on these people becomes invaluable now you are facing new and different ways of working with them and it’s all sitting in their profile reports.  Questions like:

  • Are they naturally inclined to working in isolation? & if not, who should I concentrate my communications efforts on?
  • Who needs visibility in my business & how am I going to ensure they get it to remain motivated?
  • Who are my most emotionally vulnerable staff?
  • Who are my most change focused people & how can I utilise them to set a new course for the business?
  • Where are the greatest scopes for conflict among my staff who are communicating with each other out of sight of the rest of us? & what do I need to do to ensure they understand their differences and account for them?
  • Who thrives on uncertainty & states of flux? How can I utilise their way of working?
  • Who craves structure and predictability and are likely to need more support than most?

Most clients use personality profiling to assist the recruitment process first and foremost, then maybe as a guide to identifying training and development priorities for the first year in the role.  At times like this, the value of your investment in profiling your staff pays big dividends in determining how to communicate, motivate and retain them in the coming months.

Contact us if you want to use your existing profiles, or add profiles of unassessed team members.