50k in debt with student loans, a useless degree and no job prospects…

Every year, thousands of students complete their secondary school studies and are ready to embark on a path to obtaining their university degree.  It’s at this junction they typically try to answer the age-old question: “what am I going to do with my life?”,”what should I study?”  Back in the day when a student debt was a few hundred bucks, most uni students could afford to change degrees mid-year if they felt their interests no longer aligned with their original choice.  No big deal, take it as a life lesson learned and move onto something else.  Now, with student debts averaging $50,000 and long-term costs of fulfilling dreams of owning a property getting further from reach for many, the need to choose a career path wisely, first time, is an ever-growing priority.

So, how do you know if an industry or a degree path is right for you?  With all the available job options, how do you know what path to take?

Everyone is different—some people study a degree to help them get a particular job, while others want to keep their options open and study something they are fascinated with. There’s no right way to approach this decision,  but it’s important for school leavers to choose subjects and courses that they’re really interested in and excited to spend time on.

A career preference assessment, coupled with a one-to-one feedback session with a qualified career management professional can assist a school leaver to identify the broad groups of careers most likely to bring a rewarding work-life, then pick the tertiary courses, training or apprenticeships that will lead to those careers.

The CMAP+ is the latest addition to our testing suite and is a great solution for college leavers looking for new directions when choosing tertiary education/training.  This online test measures participants broad interest areas, personal work needs and abilities and then matches these to ideal vocations which gives clarity and direction to those uncertain about their next move.

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