At Last – An MYOB Skills Test!

One enduring request from smaller businesses over the past two or three years has been for an IT Skills Test for MYOB.  We have recently located a test that measures skills across the broad functions of MYOB-8, allowing recruiting managers the opportunity to measure precise skills on this ever popular software and determine whether a candidate has the skills they …

Questions for Sales Staff Interviews

Based on the work of Professor Steve Poppleton, author of the highly effective Poppleton Allen Sales Aptitude Test (PASAT), the core competencies associated with success in a sales environment are listed below, together with a suggested initial interview question.

More Candidates, More Choice & More Risk

Employers and Recruitment Consultants are handling volumes of potentially valuable people not seen for several years. Employers are taking a fresh look at their wish lists of staff groups that the ‘skills gap’ of the past few years couldn’t deliver as management accountants to engineers are suddenly back in the job market.

Having a choice of which candidate to select is great, so long as you understand that with choice comes risk

Top Tips for Candidates when faced with Testing & Assessment in Recruitment

A Guide for Candidates An ever growing number of organisations use testing and assessment as part of their selection process in order to get the most objective view of candidate’s abilities, strengths and potential.  As interviews are notoriously poor at predicting whether a candidate is likely to perform at the level their CV suggests, employers bring tests of ability and …