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May 01

The case against hiring like-minded people

Belinda Parkes, Freelance Journalist, April 2017 Do you trust your gut instinct when it comes to hiring? If you do, you could be giving the job to the person you...
Sep 12

Unemployable Graduates. A global crisis and how we might fix it

"In the UK, more than half of graduates are working in non-graduate roles, while in the US graduate unemployment  currently stands at 5.5%. After years of study and expense, what...
Sep 12

Managing Counter Offers

Whether you're a recruitment consultant, in-house recruiter or business owner, the counter-offer scenario will be a familiar exasperation.   After all the hours and effort of a selection process, you're...
Mar 14

Making the Most of Personality Profile Reports

Perhaps one of the reasons some people complain about the perceived high cost of personality profiling is that they consistently fail to utilise the full value of the information they...
Nov 17

Sales Managers & Recruiters: Why would that top sales candidate want to work for you?

Let's be blunt for a moment.  Exceptional sales candidate's are few and far between and when they enter the job market, they can choose their next employer to a greater...
Nov 17

Online Candidate Testing & Assessment. Balancing benefits against risks

Busy schedules and expectations from clients, candidates and society in general that interactions and processes are conducted online have had a much debated effect on how psychometric and other assessments...
Sep 14

Take Part in Building New Zealand’s First HR Skills Tests

We have been working with Angela & Fraser Atkins at Elephant HR to develop a suite of New Zealand specific HR Knowledge Tests aimed at three levels of HR roles,...
Jun 08

New Zealand & Australia Candidates top in Asia Pacific for CV Embellishment

A study released this month by screening analytics company First Advantage places New Zealand and Australian candidates as those most likely to stretch the truth in their CV’s, with 26.9%...

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